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Access your router through SSH

Enable SSH

Log into the web interface of the Asus Router

Click Administration in the left pane

Click the System Tab

Under SSH Daemon section set Enable SSH to Yes

Set the SSH service port if you don’t want to use the standard SSH port (22)

Set Allow SSH password login to Yes

Set Enable SSH Brute Force Protection to Yes

Scroll down and click Apply

Access Router through SSH

Open a terminal

if your router's address is, and username is admin, type:

ssh admin@

then enter the password

Reduce Router Power


Valid values: 1 to 100

nvram set wl_txpower=1 (Slider)
nvram set wl0_txpower=1 (2.4GHZ)
nvram set wl1_txpower=1 (5GHZ)

nvram commit


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